Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does FOFCSC accept donations of goods?
A. No, FOFCSC can only accept monetary donations. However, if you wish to donate goods to a local County Senior Center, you may contact the Center directly, in person or by phone, to see if they can use the goods to be donated.

Q. What is the reason Providence Senior Center isn't a member of FOFCSC?
A. Providence is still in the process of establishing its Advisory Council and writing the Council's By-Laws. Once those steps are complete, the Center may request membership in FOFCSC.

Q. What is the location of Burke/West Springfield Senior Center without Walls (BWSSCWoW)?
A. Burke/West Springfield Senior Center does not have a physical location. Until a county facility is available they hold their programs and activities in spaces that are available in local schools, businesses or places of worship.

Q. Is there a Senior Center in Great Falls?
A. Great Falls Senior Center, Inc. (GFSCI) is another "without walls" organization, founded by residents of the County, in an area not locally served by a physical County Senior Center. A group of volunteers created programs of interest for Great Falls area seniors, and with sponsorship from local businesses provides educational and cultural events. GFSCI has obtained its own non-profit status, and is not a member of FOFCSC.

Q. How do my donations help?
A. The day-to-day operations of Fairfax County Senior Centers are funded by the Fairfax County budget. The budget does not cover all of the costs associated with the daily activities offered by the Senior Centers. The centers provide comfortable spaces for members to socialize through leisure activities, educational classes, health / wellness programs, computers for everyone's use, trips, and special events.
Your tax deductible donation will allow for sustainment and enhancement of the current leisure and educational pursuits available to members and staff. Donations open the way for providing new opportunities for learning and recreation to the community.